The prosthetic ICD® – Implant & Dental Company, complete and diversified,  provides to dentists and dental technicians all the solutions for restoration options: cemented prosthesis, implants and screwed overdenture on bar. The universal prosthetic system includes straight abutment, angled and castable abutment, as well as attacks on ball in different heights and angles, which allow multiple alternatives of rehabilitation even in small spaces. The prosthetic platform only * permits the use of the same stump in facilities different from each other in type and diameter.
Each IDC® component is designed and built to ensure greater stability of the soft tissues. The use of Platform switching leave the point of connection implant / abutment from the peri-implant tissues and creates a better emergence profile. The concept of Platform Switching is designed to facilitate the increase in volume of the soft tissues, and thus to obtain aesthetic results in the long term. Also the positive effects of platform switching have been described in numerous studies over the years and represent a commonly accepted concept. A meta-analysis published by M.A. Atieh et al. He concludes that: “The marginal bone loss around implants with platform switching was less than that which occurs around implants without platform switching.”
* Depending on the type of plant

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