The  IDC® implant systems give a complete, high performance, versatile and simple at the same time. IDC® through its technicians and clinicians has the objective to reduce the number of surgical and creating a single implant for external and internal hex. The prosthetic components is designed in order to obtain a universal connection for all the lines present in the range, regardless of the diameter of the implant. The surgical kit includes all the basic components required and is compatible with all of our implants systems.

The implant systems ICD® – Implant & Dental Company offer the perfect solution for a wide variety of surgical procedures and are suitable for all types of bone. Each implant line is available in various lengths and diameters, for maximum flexibility of treatment.
The unique features of the plant IDC® * permit:

• Better control during placement

• Increased stability in the initial positioning • Self drilling

• Self tapping and osteo condensing

* Features may vary according to the different type of implants

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